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Ece Akcicek

 Yoga- Pilates- Breathing- Meditation - Mindfulness Advanced Level Instructor;

Health & Wellness Coach


Living a life intertwined with sports and health has been at the center of my life since a very young age. This interest was strengthened over time by a deep and transformative practice such as yoga.


Until 2007, I was involved in many sports and exercises such as volleyball, dance, archery and kitesurfing. Since 2007, I discovered the power of yoga. Throughout this passionate journey, I offer training with proven scientific and traditional techniques, combined with the training I received from inspiring instructors, extensive research and personal experiences.


This process is very meaningful to me as it offers me the opportunity to share my life purpose with my students by touching each of them with compassion.


While providing group and individual coaching on yoga, pilates, breathing exercises, meditation, health and wellness, feminine energy and Ayurveda, and body, mind and emotional integrity in online platforms and face-to-face meetings; I offer trainings, seminars and lessons tailored to the needs of employees in companies. I also organize events open to general participation and wellness holidays.

I am a graduate of Istanbul University Mathematics and Bahçeşehir University MBA. After working in senior positions in corporate brands such as Teb, Turkcell, Inditex, Beymen, Demsa, and Benetton, I have focused entirely on my coaching activities since 2016.


My biggest life goal is to always be open to learning and development in this journey, to share what I have learned with great happiness, and to realize positive transformations together in all areas of health.


Contact me to transform yourself from the inside out by prioritizing yourself!





-Istanbul University, Mathematics – 2005

-Bahcesehir University, MBA- Strategic Marketing and Brand Management, 2012

-İ.Ü Exercise and Sports Sciences Undergraduate Program

- 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training, Cihangir Yoga, 2016

- 300 Hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, 2019

- Pilates Instructor Training, Serotonin Academy, Istanbul, 2016

- Mindfulness training, 2020

- 1st Level Yoga Coaching training - Sports Federation for All, 2019

-Health and Wellness Coaching Training

-Life coaching training

-Breathing  techniques

- Mentoring Program

- Myths and Asanas

-Tao Vinyasa

- Asana Lab

- Sequence Creation Workshop

- Mindfulness with Godfrey Devereux

- Yin Yoga teacher training

- Yoga and Fascia

- Fascial Assessment & Exercise Strategies

- Women's health and pelvic floor exercises

- Yoga, breathing, meditation training for cancer

- Yoga Philosophy in Life and Practice with Carlos Pomeda and Zeyneb Uras

- Anxiety and worry management

- Hormone Yoga therapy

- Dance therapy, Art Psychotherapies Association

- Hands-on Adjustments and Assists Training

- Reiki



Institutions where Yoga&Pilates and Mindfulness training is given:

Nike (NTC), Adidas, Getir, Siemens, Vakko, Arçelik, Bausch + Lomb, Shell, Eczacıbaşı, Novo Nordisk, TRPharma, Aradolu, Ald Otomotive, SweatersCommunity, The Bodrum Edition Hotel, Bfit, Spora Club, 4Reasons Hotel Bodrum, İzmir Karşıyaka Municipality, Soho House Istanbul, Cihangir yoga




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